Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Alan Bond lead Gun FC to glory in the BT Sport Pub Cup, making them a team that befits one of London's coolest drinking spots.

How’s your season going?

Its been frustrating. We’ve had a lot of games cancelled and its been difficult to get a settled side. We are in transition at the moment, building to go into another League Association next season. We’ve got eight games left and are in a semi final so we will see how we get on.

What’s the pub like?

Fantastic. A strong down to earth community spirit. Its like a big living room and everything is great from the staff, ale, music, food. When we win and go back there as a team you can’t beat it. Some great memories and many more to come.

What is the ethos of Gun FC?

Just making the best out of playing football. If you are going to do something, do it properly. I am working to try and create the best possible set-up for the lads. The ethos is working hard for each other with a good attitude and old school traditions of respecting the club, timekeeping, giving 100% and aiming to win.

Are you any good?

We are ok. The team I have in my pad which I am building has the potential to be a good side. Everyone coming into their prime, technically good. We’ve got a massive squad at the minute, all at different fitness levels and ability. Everyone enjoys being involved and that’s one of the main things isn’t it.

What projects do you have going on off-pitch?

There’s a few in the pipeline at the moment but nothing concrete. Internally we just like to create our own content around our team with the aim to encourage other adults to get back into playing 11-aside format football, whatever level.

Amateur football is great for social and mental wellness, it’s a big part of British society that should be preserved and carried on. Any projects we do will surround that belief.

How would you describe football culture in London right now?

I think its very strong. There’s a lot of leagues and options to play whatever format, any day of the week. Its like anything isn’t it. In London everything is happening but it’s the other places in our country I worry about at an amateur level with participation levels falling each year.

Aspirations for the World Cup? Planning to go?

No. I went to Brazil and it was brilliant and won’t be beaten. Broke into the game when Holland beat Spain 5-1 and seen England score which was a great experience. I will enjoy the tournament watching the games in The Gun.