Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

The DeHART (Chet and Betts) brothers twin-creativity is the inspiration for LUCID FC, a fashion label inspired by the game and street culture - with Rihanna amongst a growing number of fans. 

What other projects have you worked together on?

As twins, we have worked together since day one. Before day one even. We don’t really have any solo projects, haha, we work in unison on the same projects. We build stronger, better projects by combining our talents. The blessing of twins.

How did the brand get going?

Since we first released our first product as Lucid FC in 2010, our mission has
been to meld streetwear, football/terrace culture, and traditional English prepwear in the fashion industry. We use high end fabrics and classic tailoring, but mix these elements with super unique and cutting edge design. Meaning we are more proper, and practiced, than any streetwear brand ever to exist.

What elements of football inspire you?

In the design process, we often look back at historical kits and the sponsors. It’s always fun to reimagine kits, and translate them to our own pieces. The style and culture of football is wearable on or off the field.

The sport itself is a game we personally really enjoy, but for Lucid is about the culture of football. We design for a hooligan or a lad. Maybe even for a player, but we haven’t released a proper kit yet. Soon to come.

How would you describe the culture around the game?

Being from the States, its not huge here (yet). Good news is our home town, Atlanta, has got a team! The football culture stands apart, with different cultures in-depth past inspiring that culture. Different cities’ cultures are, in some regard, represented by their respective soccer teams.

The culture goes beyond the actual sport. Football has a style of life attached to it. You’ve got to live it, watch it, and maybe even play it.

What trends do you see developing this year?

For football, would like to see the States take the sport more seriously. They need to expand the brand/League, and grow to the level of the EPL and Champions League.

We also think that there will be more top players creating their own fusion soccer lifestyle brands. Like Ronaldo did with his denim and footwear brands. Expect to see more so streetwear. Perhaps a luxury feel but not sure if it will truly be luxury, because the athlete affiliated brands not here yet.

Do you play? Who’s your team?

Yea, we both play a bit. Grew up playing. Let’s go, Chelsea.

Which footballer(s) do you think are the most culturally relevant?

There are loads around. Each team has their own, each fan has a load. We have to always pick Beckham and Ronaldo. Hazard is still great, Ross Barkley can make some more noise.

From a different standpoint, these names stand out the most… Chelsea legend Didier Drogba is a very strong candidate for this one since he played a significant role in stopping the civil war in Ivory Coast. That’s probably the biggest contribution any athlete has made to society. Moreover he donated his 3 million pound endorsement from Pepsi in 2009 to help build hospitals in ivory Coast.

Another one is Juan Mata, who started Common Goal, where he and 35 other players have pledged to contribute at least 1% of their income to charity. Players continue to join, and it is a great movement to help people and causes in need.