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Daniel D'Angelo's MIDFLD drop collections inspired by music, the NYC scene and engine-room operators of the game - with an impressive back catalogue building. 

How did MIDFLD get started?

MIDFLD started as a creative outlet to build a brand to sell at my store, The Village Soccer Shop. I knew that I wanted to start my own label, it took a while to land on something that I really wanted to put my effort behind, but when MIDFLD started coming together I knew that this was the vibe I wanted.

As well as making a clothing brand that I felt was cool, I also wanted there to be some type of meaning on a higher level behind the brand. I think that the combination of the two are coming together to connect with people

Who inspired you?

In fashion I think just my life in general. Going down different roads and seeing all types of people and styles. Growing up being around different subcultures, 90’s skate styles, deadheads, the Beastie Boys. The blend of my off-field life with a love for soccer. That’s really where the ideas of what I want to put out come from. All types of influences from a wide variety of people.

In the game there have been so many, but ultimately just my love of playing it.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would say MIDFLD has a minimal aesthetic, I don’t want to pin it down though, as I really want to put out a variety of styles and things that I like, and that’s always changing. It’s really what I am into at a particular moment.

The soccer scene is buoyant, how do you see it developing in the next year or two?

That’s a good word for it. The culture part of the game has grown so much in the 9 years I have had the shop. I mean everywhere you look new brands/teams are popping up, some really good and others not so much. That’s the beauty of how fast it’s growing I guess, a lot of people are trying to get involved.

The jersey collab format is well used these days, do you think its becoming a bit too expected?

I think jersey releases are always going to be a big part of the business we are in. There are a lot of really creative things being brought out, and that’s good to see. I think people really do love wearing them so that’s why they are being done so much, and for brands and creatives the jersey is a great convenient way to combine efforts.

For me I would wear a cotton tee over a jersey all day but a lot of people I know are crazy about their jerseys.

Do you play yourself?

Yeah, I’ve played my whole life at a pretty competitive level. Ended up going up to New Hampshire to play college at Franklin Pierce. Then after school enjoyed a nice run in the Cosmopolitan League First Division in NYC, which is really a great level for an amateur league with a lot of semi-pro and retired pro players, one of the best amateur leagues in the country. So that was great to be able to be involved in and had some good times and met some great people. Now I play 5- a side once a week and I’m happy….legs don’t move like they used to.

What’s your MIDFLD role? Box-to-box, playmaker, ball-winner…?

Ha, that depends on the age we are talking about. I used to be a box-to box with a bundle of energy. Then that progressed to holding ball winner. Now I guess you can say I am back to a box to box now, since the field is only 30 yards…

What happened to USMNT?

A lot of bad decisions, and only a matter of time, as it almost happened in 2014. Christian Pulisic pretty much said it all in an interview he gave a while back so I’ll leave it to him.

Who’s your favourite player?

This question may take some time because there have been many and really can’t choose one. I was always taken by players that stole my imagination as a kid and that would sometime lead to that changing a lot.

In my younger days growing up in London it was Gazza, after watching the same England VHS over and over from Italia 90.

By 94 we had moved back to New York and USA 94 hit, and my partial Italian blood took me full on with Roberto Baggio. Then it was Zidane in 98, as how could you watch him and not be amazed.

In terms of currently, I really can’t say that there is one player who evokes those same emotions as a favourite player….but of course watching Messi throughout his career has been a privelege.