Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Prommel and Perisse are bringing the Brazilian swagger and samba to their streetwear brand, Cravvo.

How important do you think creativity is in football culture?

Creativity and football complement each other. From Panenka and Bosman to Beckham and Ronaldinho among so many, the admiration goes beyond what is presented between the 4 lines, inspiring the street’s culture, bringing elements of football to the day to day of those who love the game. An enormous background culture, constantly renewed, valued and followed by fans all around the world.

What is impressing you in football collabs right now?

In addition to the traditional collabs between clubs and major brands, such as the projects like Diesel x Milan for example, there are wonderful works from brands inspired by the football and its culture.

It is worth mentioning some other projects like collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto x Adidas, Palace x Umbra, Patta x Nike, A Bathing Ape x Puma (the Bape FC), and some classics like Barcelona wears Replay, and why not, all the partnerships of the Italian National Team.

What sports brands do you think are doing the best work in football?

We greatly admire the work of some brands that are changing the perception of football lifestyle. The special series of Tens Club (Lucas Skanks), Dellafuente, Pass a Ball, FC Ball, Local FC, Monacal Sport, Killa Villa, Talisman Cap, Saturdays Football… yes! There are so many! We are passionate about these projects that involve football, its culture and lifestyle.

How did Brazil respond to that game in the last World Cup?

THAT GAME! It wasn’t just a regular game. Losing is part of the game, especially with a team like Germany. But as it happened, it weighed on the pride of our “paixão nacional”. Like a hangover that, even with the Rio 2016 Gold, wasn’t forgotten.

Since then, the “7-1” has become synonymous of when things goes really bad. It’s true to say that that result has inspired changes. With the arrival of Tite and a great campaign in the previous challenges, as it goes the team begins to give back the pride of our “Canarinho”. But you know, only a good result in Russia will return the glory of the Brazilian football – we expect nothing less than that!

What chance have they this time round?

It’s time for Neymar, the great name of this team. It’s the chance of the PSG’s #10 to put his name on the charts of our history.

We also have Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Paulinho – among others. Our best thoughts here in Brazil will always be about favouritism, but we know how football works.

What is impressing you right now in football culture?

There are many things going on out there. As the internet breaks down barriers, its becoming easier to track and exchange experiences, providing interesting collabs! We like this mix of the football that goes beyond the 4 lines, bringing to the streets the culture and vision of those who love the game.

What projects have you got lined up?

In addition to new products, we want to gain more fanatics and passionate people who think as the brand do. We want to accompany our fans from the trainings to the hangouts, living the beautiful game. Like we always say, football beyond the 4 lines!