Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Jason Rego's Providence FC are aptly-located in Rhode Island's 'Creative Capital', as their community and drops of merchandise are adding colour to the Bay State Soccer League as well as the surrounding culture in the city. 

How’s your season going? Doing well?

Our 2017 was a success on and off of the pitch. Filled with victories, trophies, collaborations, and hang outs. We played over 40 games this season with 2 losses, 2 ties, and the rest victories.

We won our main league, Bay State Soccer League (based out of Boston, MA) D3S title to earn promotion to D2 along with losing in the 40 team league cup finals vs. D1 champions GPS Omens.

We won our summer league FA 1 with an undefeated season. We have a ton of work to do in order to gain promotion to D1. We’ve been training this offseason in preparation. We kickoff our 2018 season April 7.

How does the soccer scene in RI compare with NYC?

Providence is a much smaller city with a population of about 180,000 people. Rhode Island has a little over 1 million people. Filled with many cultures that our roster consists of immigrants and descendants of Portugal, Colombia, Cape Verde, Mexico, and the UK. Soccer is definitely the first sport for these cultures.

From a soccer culture scene, I think most support the team from their home country along with their national team.The amateur scene has died out in the past 5 years in the area but we are looking to promote it and make it cool again.

MLS is not a priority in the RI soccer culture. One of our sponsors Brass Monkey (bar & restaurant) show all of the soccer games from USMNT, MLS, Champions League, La Liga, BPL, Bundesliga, and Seria A. Brass is the home of the American Outlaws (USMNT supporters) and NE Revolution (MLS team) supporters.

Where did the idea for Providence FC come from?

In 2015, good friend Tristan Lewis from Wales had a brilliant idea to start a team with his close mates. We were called The Rogues, eventually named Providence City FC. Then, slowly, Providence City FC started to shape and mold into more.

How do you select brands to feature on the jersey?

Random. It’ll vary depend on what is available, what I stumble upon surfing the web, or walking around stores. Ideas continuously pop up in my head when wandering and then I have to draw it up on a fancy old napkin before making it come to life.

My favourite quote when looking for inspiration is from Fight Club “Everything’s a copy of a copy of a copy.” There is art everywhere you look, everyone is creative in their own way, it’s just a matter of expressing it differently.

In terms of brands from a local business aspect we seek local businesses that are creatives and see the bigger picture. Local businesses who are creative and actually care about bringing people together. We are trying to create a community, the local business has to have a similar vision in mind. Most of these businesses have cool and creative logos that are fun to work with.

What cultural FCs are you inspired by?

My favorite cultural FC has to be AS Velasca because their willingness to communicate, but I’m not sure I would categorize them as one. I mean almost every cultural FC has dope gear and inspires us, the list is long – Bowery FC, NoWhere FC, Guerrilla FC, Nivelcrack and the list does not end. Live Breathe Futbol has inspired us too. Designers and artists Angelo Trofa and Geoff Gouveia inspire us, their work continuously pushes the envelope.

What projects do you have coming up?

It all depends! We are in talks with a potential technical sponsor. One project we do have coming is a collaboration with PVDonuts, a local pastry shop. Check them out on instagram – @PVDonuts.

We will collaborate with local designer, Manuel of Designer 151. We will definitely be coming out with new jersey stickers made by Football Kit Designs once we design new jerseys.

Philip of Football Kit Designs is a great designer who we will probably have another project with. Lastly, we want to make our collaboration with Geoff Gouveia come to life! Nonetheless expect one off projects that end up available for our supporters.