Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Joseph Keefer has loaned Grumps FC his personal disposition, with their (latin for) 'an old and grumpy man' team motto proudly-badging their club's community. 

How did you get the idea for the name?

Grumps was born out of the fact that I can be a grumpy old man. My girlfriend Sam, who I founded the club with, definitely had a major say in the name.

What inspired to you to start?

We were inspired to start the team by clubs like Bowery FC, Chinatown SC, Nowhere FC, The Goodlife, Ringleaders and the experience of playing in the adidas Fanatic cup as well as for other teams in the city.

We wanted to build our own home for our friends who work in the creative fields to play football, we loved the sense of community in football culture in the city and wanted to contribute to that.

How would you describe football culture in NYC?

Right now football culture in New York is immense, the field of people involved in the game whether it be playing in the leagues throughout the city like Bowery Premier or NYC Footy or others, or going to the pubs for matches, or RedBulls or NYCFC matches, people are involved.

You see the club scarves and shirts peppered through out the city and the pitches are always alive with pick-up or league matches.

Any favourite collabs?

I loved the Bowery FC x Only New York capsule, I was lucky to get one of those t-shirts.

Where are you launching next?

Well, Sam and I are in LA and have been trying to get our feet wet with football culture there. It’s a much different scene. I’ve been talking a lot with the Guerilla FC dudes about what we can do to start a creative football outlet here together, since Ray is out here in LA now as well. So keep your eyes on LA, hopefully we’ll be launching something soon.

What are you aspirations for the project?

Aspirations for Grumps is to keep it alive and continue to grow organically. Grumps is a fun project that we’re proud of building and seeing people react to in such a positive way.

We want to keep exploring new branding and introduce new products with great partners such as Inaria. We connected with the gang at Small Goal Football in Arizona and pulled together a holiday pick-up day in Scottsdale where 30 plus people came out. Being able to do more things like that are definitely aspirations for us.

Our captain Ryan Cole has been keeping the tradition alive in Bowery Premier for the club and we’d love to see our NYC home branch continue on for years to come.