Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

In Guerrilla FC, Justin Salhani has created a streetwear brand and growing global creative network, infused by the spirit of revolution. 

How did Guerrilla FC get started?

I moved back to Washington DC from Beirut in 2015. DC’s overwhelming culture is really driven by government and politics and we wanted to create a cultural space for the things we liked.

A few friends and I decided to build a football team where we could play the way we liked, create a community, and meanwhile design clothes and gear we liked. We officially launched Guerrilla FC in May 2016.

How big is the crew?

There are levels. We have a core who work on the day to day with the brand & creative side – we’re spread out around the world. Then there’s a 7s team in DC that usually rosters around 12-14.

From the start until now we’ve probably had around 30 different guys take part. Many still stay involved in the community even if they step away from playing. In addition to that we’ve got friends, collaborators, and agitators from all over. They’re part of the gang too.

You boys any good at soccer then?

If we leave the pitch with a few nutmegs it’s been a good day.

Are there any big rivalries with other concept clubs?

It’s all love. We’ve gotten a ton of support and try to reciprocate. But if anybody is trying to start something, let me know.

What trends are exciting you in fashion/design just now?

Football having its moment in the streetwear realm is dope. On a non-football note, I like the creativity I’m seeing with layering and loose-fitting yet structured clothing.

You guys inspire a lot of creators in soccer, who do you draw inspiration from yourselves?

We’re mostly inspired by our lived experiences. We’re trying to create stuff we want to wear and the fact we come from diverse backgrounds and live in vastly differing cultural hubs gives us a lot to work with.

On a personal note, a few of my inspirations are: Arsene Wenger, Donald Glover, ASAP Rocky, Rick Owens, and Albert Camus. But I’m also constantly inspired by people in my life like my parents, my partner, friends, and the gang at Guerrilla FC.