Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Kazuma Kawauchi created 92 F.C. from members born in that year, with a drive to inspire the creative scene in Japan. 

What is the idea behind 92 F.C.?

It all started with my journey to Europe. I watched and experienced European football and realised how Japan was behind in terms of the integration of football and culture. On the other hand, footballers born in ’92 are called the ‘Platinum’ generation in the world of Japan’s football and many talents were born in that year.

The concept of a ‘Platinum’ generation inspired me to create my own football culture under the name of 92 F.C. On top of that, I met a companion, Seiya Kato who was also a founder of a football organisation and later on we worked and ran projects together.

The biggest motivation for 92 F.C. is to offer an environment where each individual can express themselves.

How did you get the idea for the name?

The name came before anything else was decided. I was looking for a simple name and logo for people to easily relate to and I wanted to let people born in ’92 to understand their identities. This is why I chose the name 92 F.C.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Our policy is everything we ever do has to be something that we think is cool. We are not specifically looking for profits, but our aesthetic is to express our own style and coolness in a form of photographs, physical objects and ways of thinking. We believe that we have our own beauty and values to offer that no one else has, so we will keep exploring it.

How would you describe football culture in Tokyo?

When I founded 92.F.C, Tokyo’s football culture was not attractive at all. But now, after one year, we have made progress in integrating football and culture. However, football and culture still seem to be two different concepts in Japan as opposed to European football, such as Serie A and Premier League.

Who do you aspire to/compare yourselves with in the scene worldwide?

First thing we aspired to was Le Ballon FC. Then, we found Nowhere FC from America and were inspired and now we want to be a part of NY, Paris and Asian football culture.

Any favourite collabs?

The collaboration of a street brand and a professional football club between Only NY and New York City FC was shocking and inspiring to us. The collaboration or Nowhere FC and Inter gave me a perspective that it will soon be normal for professional football clubs and culture to collaborate.

What projects do you have coming up?

We have worked with creators and artists, held pop-up stores and made our own products. Some people see us as a fashion brand, but we don’t. We see ourselves as a group of people who represent the year 92 and we want to keep working until our identity is established and seen across the world. We will keep working with creators, artists and various types of people born in 92 in order to express our own style and coolness.