Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Nadia Atique is a John Moore's University student bringing her Yemen origins and Liverpool FC fanaticism to sportswear design, in a way that is challenging perceptions of Muslim cultures. 

How'd you get started?

My passion for the game and the connection me and my family have with LFC was what made me decide on choosing football as my general theme. Football and LFC was such a broad topic so I had to narrow it down.

When speaking with my tutors they found it interesting that I observe hijab and follow football, clearly I must be braking the norms! So I decided on making this collection a modest friendly one so all women including hijabi women could wear it with intentions to break down barriers and stereotypes. 

What inspires you in design?

Movements, issues that need to be addressed, and most of all, my own passions. I believe if your passionate about something, then you must use that passion to create something unique. 

What excites you most about the crossover in football and fashion?

The crossover in football and fashion is just fabulous, seeing all these prints and colour variations is beautiful. I love how a football shirt is now being styled with things you just wouldn't imagine – it's great! 

What I find most exciting is seeing how people from all walks of life taking a football shirt and rocking it in their own unique way, I think it's a beautiful thing. 

What are your plans moving forward?

I have some time to build on my CV maybe find a placement hopefully before I move on to do my masters next year. 

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would say my aesthetic would be working on things I am most passionate about and remaining true to myself. 

Was it strange going from Liverpool's Graduate Fashion Week to Vogue so soon?

It was crazy I was interviewed straight after our Graduate Fashion Week show, so to be honest I genuinely thought this will probably get forgotten about by the end of the day, but to my surprise the following week I was sent the link to the article. I genuinely couldn't believe my work and a whole feature about me and my collection was on VOGUE!

It was surreal and so overwhelming, not just about vogue but the general response I've had has been insane being interviewed by BBC, France24, and featured in Season, Grazia and Liverpool FC and so many more – #blessed haha.

I am truly grateful to everyone who helped me, I don't think I would have even passed this year if it wasn't to some wonderful and truly inspiring people in my life who I will forever be indebted to.