Creator Series introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Their neat and playful designs make Takashi Ogami's Shukyu one of the most refreshing mag's on the shelf, with each themed edition a must-have item and more gear from them to come. 

Why ‘Shukyu’?

Shukyu is “Football” in Kanji. Derived from “SHU (蹴=kick)” and “KYU (球=ball)”. In the past it was called Shukyu, but in general it is common to be called soccer or football in Japan.

Actually, the Japan Football Association used to make a different series of magazines with the same title over 80 years ago, aiming to spread the fascination of football, which was still an unfamiliar sport to many Japanese people back in the time.

Now I’m in a different time and circumstances from then, but my motivation for the making of this magazine comes from the same place.

How did you get Shukyu off the ground?

Most football magazines in Japan only provide game results and transfer news. You can easily get this information online, and I didn’t particularly find those magazines interesting. That’s where I started feeling the urge to propose new and alternative ways to enjoy football.

What was your vision for the mag?

I aim to have Japan-rich football culture through this magazine. So, I want people who have passion for football to find out about a new approach to enjoy it. Also we’ve attached English translations to this issue.

Being in Japan we can get the latest of the football scene abroad, but there is no media that can do the same for the Japanese football scene.

Shukyu has actually received lots of reaction from abroad, and I feel happy that this magazine can somehow generate unprecedented communications.

What are your passions outside of the game?

Football around the world is a sport that everyone knows. Football is a sport that is also connected with our lives and I myself have learned a lot from football. I think that I can make a chance to learn something about the world through football.

Japan’s national team jersey, best one at the World Cup this year? Or just beaten by Nigeria?

The word “KACHIIRO” is the design concept of this Japanese uniform. A long time ago, when a samurai went to fight, they were wearing a kimono that had indigo dye under the armour. In addition, the design inspired by the Japanese traditional sweet pattern has a meaning of tribute to tradition, I think it is wonderful.

The Nigerian uniform is also wonderful! I think that the judgment of the association who accepted it as well as the designer is also wonderful with a considerably aggressive design.

What do you think is fuelling the trend of football creators getting more involved in fashion and art projects?

I think that it is awesome. There are lots of wonderful creators in Japan, so I’m happy that they will have more opportunities to engage in sports. Of course, we also want to actively commit.

What would be your dream collab?

I would like to collaborate with creators around the world as well as collaborate with the Football Association, leagues and clubs in the future. I think that football culture will become more interesting if we can make good use of each other’s strengths.

Also, I want to make a place. I have managed a gallery space, so importance of place in making culture I feel it a lot. Although I only want the place where they can see football casually.