Creator Series  introduces the individuals who are using their inspiration and talent to push football culture forward.

Yannis Gold and Atletico Paris were founding partners of Paris' Le Ballon football league, as well as its most successful.  

How did the team come together?

In 2013, Instagram has seen the emergence of a movement in football culture. New leagues were created around the world. In Paris, Le Ballon football league was the first and it give Atletico Paris the opportunity to be involved in a league.

My dream was to create a real simulation of Football Manager & FIFA games. My intention was to recruit players who want to live professional football moments.

We add imagination to our game to shape a premium motivational football experience. Atletico Paris gives the opportunity to independent players to have a career. It’s all about football experience. Since day one, everything has been documented over the four years. We will release the film soon…

How’s your season going?

We are still waiting for Le Ballon Season 4. In three years of competition so far, we have won two titles. We can’t wait, we are always hungry! But, we also have plans to make an Atletico Paris Tour, with international matches.

Any big rivals?

To be honest, the biggest rivals of Atletico Paris, are Atletico Paris. It seems pretentious, (don’t forget, we are Parisiens) but this is exactly the spirit we try to have in the team. Winning titles together, it’s how we celebrate the beautiful game and this is how powerful our brotherhood is.

What got you into Le Ballon?

Le Ballon needed football influencers to create teams to make their football league exciting. Like in Formula One, each team is independent. We decided to be the ‘locomotive team’ of this league to make this league competitive and improve the experience.

To be very honest, we are not very appreciated by the other teams, we are the bad guys Even with the founders of Le Ballon, we have some issues. In the future, I guess everyone will understand that our attitude was part of the game.

Improving the experience of the beautiful game shows the respect we have for the other teams and the league. We receive much more love and respect from football culture around the world, they understand our concept very quickly.

The funniest part, and what makes me proud, is that ex-pro players want to join the team – since David Bellion joined us.

How important do you think creativity is in football?

I created this club to share a innovative and creative vision of football. I believe that decentralised football and private leagues can refresh the game. I would love to prove that independent football has a future in the football eco-system with all the football culture teams around the world.

If you look at Instagram now, football culture hasn’t really evolved. It’s all about consumption rather than creativity. We have become a source of inspiration for major football equipment brands, and paradoxically it is so hard to be sponsored by them.

I’m so impressed by the achievement of Nowhere FC. It’s not only beautiful jerseys, its a another vision of football. That is what football culture needs, different visions of football, not only cool jerseys. Fashion is ephemeral, football is timeless.

What are you expecting from the World Cup?

I hope that France will win of course, against an African team in the final. And if we lose this game, I will still be happy. African football deserves to be crowned, this continent gives so much to football. Creativity for example…