Music and football, who are your inspirations?

Ha! Both inspire me in different ways to be honest. I think, music wise, Giggs is someone that we have all watched come from the streets and change his life around through the music. He’s an inspiration for anyone who wants to make something of themselves through anything and everything.

On the football side of things, it has to be Steven Gerrard. An iconic player for Liverpool and such a leader who has massive passion and loyalty to the fans and team. Definitely someone to look to.

What’s your first Anfield memory? 

It’s hard to remember, I’ve got so many, but I think the 2-0 victory over West Ham in 2002 is one that sticks out for me.

What represents a good season for you guys this year?

Definitely winning the Champions League and getting top 4!

What’s the relationship like between Klopp and the LFC fans? 

Klopp is a legend! You can tell he has genuine passion just like the LFC fans. I think that’s one thing that connects us all as fans and especially with Klopp – the passion for the game.

It’s about winning, the goals, the fans, the stands, the team. It all goes together and that’s a connecting factor between us all.

How have things changed for you since Bestie?

Things have changed so much! I think through the success of Bestie and the way it spread and was played across every national radio station and with performances on TV, I was introduced to such a wider audience than before. It’s allowed things like touring, shows and my socials to becomes so much bigger.

Performing at the O2 and getting nominated for awards, meeting fans and thngs like that make the change feel very real.
What have you got lined-up next?

Right now, I have a single out with Jess Glynne, called Mind On It. I’m working that right now and it’s doing it’s thing! But, in terms of next musically, I have some more exciting features in the pipeline and I’m actually working on my first official studio album which I’m really excited abut and focused on right now.

Where do you want to go with your music?

Wow, I mean, I want to be global. I think you have to aim big and dream big, especially in something like music, I’ve achieved so much from just dreaming big from when I was a kid on the estate. I want my music and my story to be known globally.

Pics: @mearakallista
Styled by: @_olivia.clifford
Liverpool FC top provided by: @b2bheritage